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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tough Love Baby

So now that it has been confirmed that Emma has some separation anxiety, I'm bringing on the tough love. I refuse to be "that person" in public who's child is always crying or throwing a fit. So today during play time if Emma cried I didn't rush over right away and surprise she worked it out on her own. I usually rock Emma to sleep, but today I just put her down for a nap without rocking her. But alas she has not fallen asleep. One step at a time.

Separation Anxiety, Teething, and Ear Infection...Oh My

I took Emma to the doctor and they found nothing wrong with her. She doesn't have an ear infection and there was no sign of any new teeth. This is a direct quote from her doctor. "She is having some Separation Anxiety and discovered that she has an ear. Really? I paid a $35 co-pay to have someone tell my baby discovered her ear. Well I guess it is better to be safe then sorry.


So I know I have been MIA in blogging, I was just drawing blank as to what to write about. So over the next few days I hope to play catch up and post about our life the past 2 months.

Today Emma and I are heading to the doctor. The past couple of days she has been pulling on her ear. She has not had a cold or a fever, so I didn't think she had an Ear Infection. Pulling on the ear can also be a sign of teething. But to be on the safe side, I called the doctor today and they want her to come in and take a look.