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Monday, March 8, 2010

Run run as fast as you can

Has anyone ever noticed how slow the service is at pharmacy's? It seems that every time I go the pharmacy counter or the drive through I have to wait forever for service. I have just come accustomed to this and have lowered my expectations. I actually really love our local CVS, the people are friendly and know me by name. They always ask about Emma and really do seem to care despite the fact that service is slow.

Well the other day I went to pick up a prescription and since I had Emma, we went to the drive through. As soon as we pulled up to the window, Emma started crying, then it developed into a full out scream. The young pharmacist technician opened the window and almost went into panic mode when he heard Emma crying. He ran to get my order, ran back to the register, rushed through whatever he had to put into the computer and we were out of there in 2 minutes. It was the fastest I had ever seen anyone at the pharmacy work. We were about to drive away, and he said, "crying babies make me really nervous." I smiled at him and said she was okay, just fighting a nap. As I drove away I had to laughed.

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