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Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and what a wonderful day! We started off by going to Church. It was our second Sunday in a row of putting Emma in the Nursery. I love our Church nursery, the care providers are so wonderful with the children and I'm excited they begin sharing Jesus' love with the little ones so early. Emma seems to just take it all in and enjoy lots of cuddle time. During big Church they combine the toddlers and babies in the same room. We were told Emma spent time watching all the "big kids" run around and play. A little red haired girl was quite taken with Emma and sat next to her for a considerable amount of time.

We then headed into Raleigh to pick up my Grandpa and bring him back to the house. Our friend Stephanie also joined us for afternoon supper. Emma enjoyed all the extra attention and even played with plastic Easter eggs. All in all it was a peaceful and joyful day!

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