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Monday, January 31, 2011

Running Journal

My friend Courtney made a cute Christmas journal, which I thought was very cute.  I asked her to make me a notebook, but didn't really know what to use it for.  I've been using the one she made me to for my education classes.  I then got the great idea to make one to track all my running adventures.  In March, I'm running my first 5K and one way I stay motivated is to have something cute to look at.  So here is my cute journal which helps me stay on track with exercise.

Outside Cover

Inside page where I put motivational quotes

On this page I log my runs.  My times and distances have gotten much better since I took this picture.

I also have a section for healthy recipes and fun exercises

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  1. i Love this! i am so proud of you! this inspires me...i'm not going to become a runner...but it still inspires me!