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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Never Again

So people have already begun to ask when Jason and I are going to have another child. Really, your already asking this question. My answer has already been "never again!" But let me clarify, so far I have loved my time with Emma. She is a sweet and wonderful little baby, but I have no desire to push a baby out again. That was the most painful thing of my life and women who say "you forget the pain" are liars. I'm surprised there are not more reports of women being struck by lightening or smited by God, because they are all lying. Yes, I got an epidural and I got it in plenty of time before the pushing, but I felt every ounce of pain and have no desire to feel that again. And yes, if you look at the pictures of me and Emma right after she was born, I have that look of sheer joy and tears of happiness to meet my little girl. But I didn't have pictures taken of the doctor sewing me up, the nurse giving me cold packs to put in my underwear or a spray bottle for every time I had to pee for the next 4 weeks. Yet to mention the crazy amount of crying that happens as your hormones come crashing down. So if you know me and are curious if I plan to have any more children in the near future, the answer is not naturally. I may adopt or I may just spoil Emma rotten. But there will not be another human taking the birthing express out of my nether-regions.

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  1. That is one of the funniest blog entries that I've ever read!!!