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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Big Date

Yesterday, the senior adults at our Church were hosting a parents day out.  From 10:00am-3:00pm we could drop off Emma and they would watch her free of charge.  Needless to say, we were one of the first people to sign up for such a great service.  We arrived around 10:30 and headed over to Best Buy to wander around before we went to lunch.  One of our favorite places is Greek Fiesta, the food is great and we I can find really healthy items on the menu.  We finished our lunch and had great conversation and then got a call.  Apparently, Emma was fussing and they couldn't get her to calm down.  She wasn't crying, just fussing.  Pretty much she was having an attitude problem and just needed some space.  We told them to give it 15 more minutes and to call us again if she hadn't gotten better. Our plan after lunch was to go to a movie, but 15 minutes to the second they called us back saying she was still fussing.  So we ended our date early and headed to the car.  But to our surprise, we had a flat tire.  Hooray for flat tires in the cold and rain.  So we then called AAA and my Dad.  Dad took me over to the Church, while Jason waited in the Best Buy parking lot.  And as soon as I walked in the Church Emma was walking around waving and giggling like she always does.  The lady at Church said she eventually walked out of the nursery room and Emma calmed down.  I guess we got half a date and it sure was nice to eat lunch together.

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