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Sunday, January 24, 2010

$63.50 = $21.36

Yes people, that's right, tonight I bought $63.50 worth of groceries but only paid $21.36 out of pocket. This past week Stephanie and I went to a coupon class through her Church. This lady was amazing with the amount of money she saves in providing for her family of 5 ($50/month). Since then I have made it my mission to figure this whole thing out. I have visited all the blogs, subscribed to the Sunday paper, and made a coupon binder.

I figured Sunday night would be a good time to venture out to Harris Teeter (the most expensive grocery store around) and try my hand at this coupon thing. I took my time, read the labels carefully and went in with a plan. When I left the store, I had saved $42.15!!!!! And I didn't buy junk, I got the things we needed. I got TP, yogurt, produce, bread, cheese and most importantly RED WINE. These are the things we use each week. I hope that each week I'll get better and better at this. My deepest desire is to stay home with Emma at least till she goes off to kindergarten, so hopefully this will help.

I also made a new friend. The evening shift produce guy, Cedric. He was such a friendly man. He saw me with my notebook and ask what I was doing. I explained the system and he was very interested. He told me to find him when I was done because he wanted to know my savings. At the end of the shopping spree he was convinced and asked if I could give him some tips. I love making new friends and hope to keep up with Cedric on my weekly runs to the grocery store.

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