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Friday, January 22, 2010

Cry it out

I have not been able to let Emma cry it out. I know people are advocates of this type of parenting, but I just can't do it. Yesterday, I called my dear friend in trying to get some tips. Emma has not been taking good naps. She said I could either keep rocking her, or let her cry it out, but I had to pick one. So I put Emma down and within a few seconds she started crying. I came into the office and did a google search for "letting baby cry it out." I came across this article (damaging our baby) and when I got to the follow statement...

"The problem is that when infants are left to cry themselves to sleep, they are forced to conclude that they are not lovable enough to engage their parents' desires to comfort them. If they actually stop crying, it is because they have abandoned all hope that help will come."

...I stopped reading, ran back into Emma's room, scooped her up, and started rocking her back to sleep. So despite the fact that Emma has not been taking good naps, I will be rocking her to sleep.


  1. i love you, katie. but, how come they argue that a child can't reason that you need sleep, but they can reason that you don't love them? I'm just not sure the argument flies. I just have a really hard time believing your baby can figure out they are unlovable. Think of all the folks you know whose parents let them cry & they turned out to be well adjusted, incredibly loved people with great family relationships (I'm one of those people).
    Emma will NEVER question your love for her! But you keep on rocking, my friend!
    I love you! :)

  2. Did I mention that you're SUCH a good momma?! :)

  3. I love you girl.... I couldn't bear to let Mia Grace cry it out until a few weeks ago. You do what's best for you because you are the Mama and you are awesome! :) Love you!